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A perfect lifestyle starts from sleeping well
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SleepBank - The Perfect Sleep Solution.

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What is SleepBank?

About SleepBank

Dr. Ling-Sheng Jang at TED (En)

How SleepBank helps with my sleep?

Here we go...


SleepBank is a patented and exclusive SFT (Sleep Frequency Technology) chip researched and developed by the Ph.D. team over the course of many years. The chip generates a 2m×2m natural frequency magnetic field that reduces the influence of high frequency radio waves.

You will feel as if you are living in a natural field that makes your body relaxed, slows down your brain wave to prolong your in-depth sleep, and improve sleep quality. When your body feels tired or exhausted, it needs food or water to refuel. The aura of the body that cannot be seen also needs nurturing.

The resonance generated by the SleepBank and your body can eliminate the negative energy accumulated during the day, allowing yourself to be relaxed and repaired.


SleepBank_Sleep Frequency Technology, Schumann resonance, Natural Frequency Magnetic

High-tech with three big innovations

SleepBank_High-Tech SFT

High-Tech SFT

Proprietary Technology SFT.



You feel comfortable without wearing anything.

SleepBank_Zero interference, without light, without nosie, without electronic magents

Zero interference

Soundless, lightless and natural in-depth sleep.

Sleep chip's three major principles

SleepBank_Magnetic Field, Help body to restore the natural balance

Analog North and South Magnetic Field – Help the body to restore the natural balance.

SleepBank_Harmonic Resonance, Schumann Resonance Frequency, Purify the Environment, Initiate the Protective Mask

Harmonic resonance with Schumann resonance frequency – Purify the environment and initiate the protective mask.

SleepBank_Deep Sleep Frequency Technology, Relaxation

SFT deep sleep frequency technology induces relaxation, and eases chaotic state of mind so you can feel a deep state of sleep!

Four major ultra-felt features

Recover Body Balance

Five Strength

SleepBank_Five Strength
SleepBank_High-Pressure Groups, Strained Body Funtions, Confusion Disorders,Cannot Relaxed, Not Enough Sleep

SleepBank is exclusively designed for the high-pressure groups.

Suitable users of SleepBank

SleepBank_Suitable users

Awards & Prizes

SleepBank_Sleep Frequency Technology, Quality Guaranteed, Taiwan  Excellent



Customers Reviews

30 years war against insomnia

This lady has been suffered from insomnia in the past 30 years. She often feels scared before sleeping. Awaken at midnight, lacking of energy during daytime and bad tempers had became her nightmares. It is getting more and more difficult to get along with her family for her......

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Returning of sunshine teenager

This teenager has been suffering from depression and starting to take sleeping pills. This leads him to panic easily. Every time when it gets dark, he starts to get scared. The more he wants to sleep, he gets more nervous. He desperately want to get ride of sleeping pills and insomnia......

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Letter to the sleeping savior

I tried traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Western medicine, and muscle relaxants, but it didn‘t help me to sleep. Although I was not the only person with insomnia for 10 years, but my first six months insomnia had already caused my life totally collapse......

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Blogger's Reviews

Sleepbank Review: Is This New Device the Key To Beating Insomnia?

Published by Jamy on July 10, 2018 From Sleepinvestor.com

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